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Forget cutting your sticks one piece at a time; with a little bit of help from an A-daptor kit*, you can turn your Skil or Bosch 7-1/4″ worm drive saw into a 10-1/4″ saw that can take a big 3-3/4″ bite out of your stock — enough to gang cut a mess of 2x4s.

Big Foot Tools sells kits that fit Skil Type 14,15,16, and 17 saws, the Bosch 1677M, and the Mag Type¬† 1. Their adapter kit ships complete with a 10-1/4″, 36-tooth carbide blade. Using the supplied instructions it supposedly only takes 15-30 minutes to convert your saw.

You’ll pay about $300 for the kit.

*(Thanks to the Man in Black for this great song)

Saw Adapter Kit [Big Foot Tools]
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Big Foot Tool’s Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker allows you to mark the location of bolts on plates quickly.¬† Once you’ve dialed the correct bolt size and lined up the plate next to the bolts, you simply push the tool against the bolt and hit the spring-loaded plunger with a hammer to mark each bolt.

The bolt marker has a bolt size dial for 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, and 1- 1/4″ bolts on each end; one end is used for 2×4 plates and the other for 2×6 plates. It retails for $33 at DHC Supplies, plus an extra $10 for shipping.

Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker [Big Foot Tools]
Stand-Up Bolt Hole Marker [DHC Supplies]

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