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post-biesemeyer.jpgEveryone knows that you never use the measurement marks on lower-end home shop table saws: you use your measuring tape.  But what if you’re getting to where you’re using your home shop to the point where you’d like something more accurate but aren’t ready for a full-on pro saw?

Biesemeyer believes they have the answer with their bolt-on home shop fence systems.  From Bissemeyer:

Installing a T-Square system on your home shop saw is like getting a new precision saw at a fraction of the cost. You’ll never need a hand-held tape to set your fence again and this system will give everything you do a professional edge.

We’ve used Biesemeyer commercial T-squares on professional saws and were quite impressed.  They make production work much easier, and dramatically reduce the time required to measure and cut on project work.  Biesemeyer says that the home shop systems are just as accurate, though not quite as durable.  Of course, that shouldn’t be a problem in a home shop.

The home shop system can be adapted to any table saw that measures 20″ or more front-to-back and has a cast-iron top with a flat lip that’s at least 1-1/4″ high.  Biesemeyer offers patterns for a number of common saws including those made by Delta, Powermatic, and some Craftsman saws

Street pricing starts around $300.

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