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We’ve written about all of these components individually, but Rockler has a deal on right now combining three of Bench Dog’s saw safety products bundled together into a single easy-to-order package. For $25, you get the Dog’s slick little push stick, their push block, and “Feather-Loc” — a device that keeps stock pressed tight around your saw’s fence to minimize kickback.

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We’ve previously covered crown molding hangers here and here, but they require extra trips up the ladder to set them up and take them down. Bench Dog’s new crown molding support can be rigged and removed with your feet firmly planted on the floor.

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Do you have trouble trying to wrap molding around bullnose corners?  Bench Dog has a new product that can help. Designed to work with 3/4″ radius rounded corners, this trim gauge slips over the bullnose and indicates where each joint needs to land to get a professional-looking three-piece corner.

You can also nail Bench Dog’s bullnose trim guide in place and use it to hold the tip of the tape measure — which could come in handy if you’re trying to compile a cut list by yourself. Made from hard plastic, the gauge comes with complete instructions for use and costs $12 before shipping.

Bench Dog [Corporate Site]
Bullnose Trim Gauge [Rockler]


Cutting crown molding puts some fear into me. My dining room has been waiting for molding for several months now — it needs several inner and outer 90-degree cuts, due to doorways and HVAC runs — but I haven’t tried it yet.  The complex cuts seem like they could overwhelm you, and the lumber is so pricey, I’m afraid of making a bad cut and having to throw it away.  This Crown-Cut jig might help ease my mind.

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Mounting your router inside your router table can help you get the most out of it, but then it can be difficult to get to the router to change out the bits or adjust the height. Bench Dog’s ProLift allows you to get your router up fast so you can make those adjustments quickly and easily.

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Benchdog ProMax Complete Router Table System

Sean posted about Bench Dog’s ProMax Cabinet back in 2006, and now in 2008, for a limited time [What’s This?], Amazon is listing the Bench Dog ProMax Complete Router Table System with free shipping for $970. This “system” — really the whole kit and kaboodle for routing — includes the ProMax cabinet, ProMax router table, ProFence, cast iron end cap, Porter Cable router, and four Cab-Loc casters.

The cabinet features integrated router bit storage, pull-out shelves and flip-up doors, and a lower cubby for router storage. Bench Dog makes the cabinet with bolt and cross dowel construction, birch plywood side panels, and steel hardware for vibration dampening.

Promax Complete [Bench Dog]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


When you sign up for the Bench Dog Club you can enter to win your very own Bench Dog system — the only expense is your email address. It’s actually not a bad deal if you’re into the gear anyway, and you get a chance to win a complete rig, even if it’s a bit of a Hail Mary.

One person will win the vaunted prize — a ProMAX Complete (Router Table and Cabinet) with a cast iron top, precision aluminum fence, and pull-out bit storage. Enter at your own risk, but it is good gear. They’re offering the deal through December 31, 2008, so you have some time.

Bench Dog Club Sign-Up and Entry Form [Bench Dog]

Bench Dog Panel Loc

Conventional feather boards exert downward force at the point where the bit removes material. This results in the tendency of the panel to tip towards the bit. Bench Dog’s Panel-Loc solves this problem by moving the hold-down pressure two inches away from the fence, where the table fully supports the panel.

The Panel-Loc isn’t just useful for panels — it works well for most router operations on wider boards. The hold-down strip won’t mar the workpiece surface because it’s made from a low-friction, ultra-high molecular weight plastic. The Panel-Loc also makes cutting panels safer, since the wide hold-down doubles as a guard to protect your digits from large bits.

The Panel-Loc comes with a 20″ T-Loc track which mounts to most fences, including all Bench Dog router tables and fences. Expect to pay about $60 for the Panel-Loc.

Panel-Loc [Bench Dog]
Panel-Loc [Rockler]


I can’t count how many things I’ve used as make shift push sticks around the shop: screwdrivers, broken bits of board or trim — almost anything.  Half the issue with a push stick is finding where you put the thing.  When I saw the Push Loc from Bench Dog, it struck a nerve. 

If you have one of Bench Dog’s docking stations, you can mount the push loc keeper to it and keep the Push-Loc on the fence and ready to go.  The “docking station” makes a handy pencil tray and has a clip for a tape measure.

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Did you happen to receive a shiny-new router for Christmas?  What could be better to put it in than its own full-sized router table?  The proMax complete router table has all the bells and whistles you need — housed in birch-paneled goodness. 

The table stands with cast iron rein-forced strength at a height of 35-1/2” with a girth of 27″ and a 20” depth.  Its pull-out storage bins have room for all the routing accessories you’ll need to get that next project underway as well as a 28” Bench Dog ProFence, which is included with the unit.

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