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Standby power is getting more press lately, and a few companies out there want to sell you something to save you money — strange, they want you to give your money to them instead.

BUT! Fellow Toolmongers! Today for you we have something fan-tastic, practically for free, something that you can use, something that if you had to pay for it you would give real money for it!

Nah, really I just want to point out that putting your electronics on switches, and turning them off, is the easiest solution. But these resources may help you if you’re really into convenience, or measuring your specific situation.

As usual, Wikipedia provides some interesting information, including the fact that the government got on the bandwagon in 2001. You know it’s bad if the government is ahead of you in saving money! At least they’ve compiled lists of low-standby-power appliances, in case you want to take it into consideration when you go shopping.

Surge Protector With Remote [Belkin]
Standby Power [Wikipedia]
Appliance Database [LBL.gov]
Standby Power [Energy Star]


John writes: “This clamp-on power strip from Belkin would make a nice, easy addition to a set of sawhorses or a Workmate-like bench to keep power handy and keep cords off the ground.”

You can tell from their website that Belkin intends this for office use, but we agree with John — it looks like it’d work great in the shop.  Our favorite feature: it also includes two widely-spaced plugs to accomodate wall-warts — no wasted outlets!

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