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It’s time to cull a fir tree from the property for our Christmas, so I started thinking about bow saws. I have a typical bow saw, cheap and somewhat rusty, that I’ll be using to harvest (the kids around the chainsaw doesn’t seem like a good option). Looking around the internet I came upon the . What’s not to like? It looks like an excellent lever-tightening (with screw adjustment!) bow saw in an ergonomic package, made by a company known for high quality tools. The blade can pivot on its axis for difficult jobs. The lowest price we found was at Oesco, $32.00, but a saw like this is a luxury considering you can buy a cheapy bow saw for $5.00 or less.

Anyone else have a favorite bow saw they want to share?

[Manufacturer’s Site]
Bahco 333 Orchard Bow Saw [Oesco]


Roofers sometimes use a grid of lath under cedar shingles or slate tiles to allow airflow underneath the materials, especially in Nordic countries. It can be time-consuming to lay down because every grid is made to fit both the roof and the tile. To make the process faster and easier, Bahco created the LathKo template, which they claim cuts installation time up to 40%.

To use the lightweight aluminum tool, you adjust the stop to the desired grid spacing using the integrated scale. Then you adjust the jaws for the width of the lath and you’re ready to go. Simply grab a piece of lath in the jaws and butt the stop against the previous board.

The LathKo itself is priced reasonably at $33, but the only place we found selling it was ToolStop in the UK, where it’ll cost you $63 to ship it to the U.S. Anybody have another source for this tool?

LathKo [Bahco]
LathKo [ToolStop]

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