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These spring-loaded drill stops from Avery Tools don’t mark the surface like a collar stop, and they cushion the drill when it breaks through to minimize bit breakage.

Designed for sheet metal, we don’t see any reason these stops wouldn’t work for other materials too.¬† The bits are color-coded for easy identification. You just slip the stop over the bit, compress the spring, and tighten the stop at the proper depth.

Brown Aviation Tool Supply sells a twelve-piece set for $15 before shipping, which includes #50, #40, #30, #27, #21, #16, #13, #10, #8, 7/32″, 1/4″ and 5/16″ drill stops. Unfortunately they have a $35 minimum order for the US ($50 minimum for Canada and $100 for the rest of the world).¬†Otherwise you can buy them for $2 each or $9 for a set of four stops (#40, #30, #21, and #12 sizes) before shipping from Avery Tools.

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