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The Auriou company in France appears to have closed. My French is abysmal, so calling to investigate will do me no good, but this looks like an example of tool history slowly moving on. Auriou has been making rasps and rifflers by hand since the mid-nineteenth century — these tools, like so many before them, have now become irreplaceable.

If you own some of these quality woodworking tools, make sure to hang on to your piece of history and take good care of them.

Auriou [Official Site]


Auriou shaping tools have been around since the mid-nineteenth century and haven’t changed much since, retaining their old world craftsmanship.  They’re still hand-crafted today by a small family-owned company in France. 

Skilled Auriou hand cutting produces a dense pattern and randomly spaced teeth of a regular height.  This results in a tool that cuts very efficiently yet leaves no scratch pattern.  Their tapered tips yeild a tight stroke to concentrate the cut over a small area.

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