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Know how your driveway cracks? That’s why builders add expansion joints to big concrete walls and floors, filling those joints with a flexible caulk that can absorb changes in size due to temperature and humidity. But what happens when it’s time to refurbish those joints? Hint: It’s generally a pain in the ass. First you have to cut out the existing caulk, then you have to go back and clean up the messy surfaces with a grinder so they’re reusable.¬†Arbortech announced a blade this week, though, that combines both those steps into a single process.

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If you thought the hoverboard was the coolest thing about the Back to the Future sequels, you’ll agree that the Airboard, though bigger, is the coolest ride around. You might have seen it in the Sydney Olympics’ opening ceremonies, but you may not have known that the Airboard is another example of a tool company stepping out of its normal routine and doing something fun. Thank goodness the Arbortech Toolmongers took some time off from making Allsaws and power chisels in order to make awesome toys!

Pricing on the Airboard is a telephone call away, and there’s an authorized dealer in New York. (The Perth, WA location is in Western Australia, for any fellow Yanks out there who are confused.)

Airboard [Arbortech]

AS160 Brick and Mortar Saw

Need a square hole in a brick wall? You can try to cut it with a circular saw, but what are you going to do about the corners — chip ’em out? Why bother, when you can use the AS160 from Arbortech? The AS160 cuts so precisely, you can remove a single brick from a wall without damaging the surrounding bricks. If you find that hard to believe, watch their repetitive but informative video.

Moving in an orbital motion, two forward-facing blades provide a simultaneous hammering and cutting action, minimizing the danger of kickback. This arrangement also cuts cleaner, throwing no dust, so the work is more visible, and there’s less mess to clean up. Another advantage: The blades cut dry, so all you need is a standard vacuum to suck up the debris, and with an optional dust boot you can clean as you cut.

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Arbortech Power Chisel

Most woodworkers would agree that the chisel is an indispensable tool, but chiseling can get pretty tedious after awhile. What if you could replicate the same cutting action with a power tool? Arbortech’s Power Chisel does just that. Plus, unlike rotary cutting tools, it leaves behind very little airborne dust or sawdust — just shavings and wood chips.

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