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The Pipemaster soldering tool probably came from this idea, familiar to everyone who’s ever soldered copper pipe: “If I could just heat the whole thing at once, I’d be done by now.”  Its jaws close around pipe to heat it up and make an even seal, rather than heating with open flame.

Just mount the correct heads for the pipe size on the Pipemaster –- the heads for 1/2″ pipe are standard — then plug it in, lay it on its steel bracket rest to keep it elevated, and let it preheat for a minute before use. Place the heads around the pipe close to the joint. Let the solder flow into the joint once the pipe is hot enough, and remove the heads from the joint. After cooling, the joint should be ready.

It sounds pretty easy, but we wonder if it works even half as well as it sounds.  Has anyone had some firsthand experience with it?  Let us know in comments.

Street pricing starts at around $95.

Pipemaster [Antex]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


Tjdunlap submitted this tool he found via Workbench Magazine.  He writes: “The Antex Pipemaster is designed to complement the torch in the tool kit of the plumbing contractor or home improvement enthusiast.  As an alternative to the torch, the pipemaster elements heat the heads to a temperature that allows solder to be applied to copper pipe joints.”

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