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When tool companies apply their expertise to develop stuff outside of their core product line, they can come up with some pretty cool results. Alumicolor makes precision measurement and drafting tools out of extruded aluminum; we’ve posted about their scales in the past. With that same manufacturing process they’ve made message clips that’re interesting, different, and quirky — we have to hand it to ’em though, it’s a great Toolmonger overkill. And with these extruded aluminum dominoes with photo-anodized dots, they’ve tipped the scale!

Street pricing on the dominoes is $44.

Double Six Dominoes [Alumicolor]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


Roscoe writes: “These are simply the best scales I’ve found for two reasons:
1) They’re sturdy enough to last a lifetime, and 2) they don’t look like everybody else’s scale, so if you’ve got one at work, you’ll always know it’s yours.

“Alumicolor also sells 6″ pocket scales that are very handy for the truck or a shirt pocket.  They all make great Christmas presents and are very affordable gifts.  I gave my brother a set of engineering and architectural in regular and pocket sizes last year- of course his are different colors than mine!”

Pricing starts around $4 (and goes up from there based on the model).

Solid Triangular Drafting Scales [Alumicolor]
Street Pricing [Froogle]