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Memorial Day is past, but I say there’s no time like the present to work on converting all you pegboard haters — and anyway, Fourth of July is almost here!  Alligator Board offers metal pegboards and accessories in many varieties, but this specialty item really caught my eye.  Whether your patriotism is flashy or not, this pegboard will set the record straight and put you back on the red-blooded-American list.

Alligator Board sells the flag pegboard for $200, plus $34 shipping.

American Flag Pegboard [Alligator Board]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


No doubt inspired by our recent Hot or Not post on pegboard, Roscoe writes: “I hate regular fiber-board pegboard, but Alligator Board is a brand of metal pegboard that I personally like.  The big advantage to metal is that the hooks don’t pull through the board when overloaded, tearing out the holes.  Two other big advantages to this product are that it is sold in stainless steel — so it’ll look sharp for a long time — and it has a pre-formed edge on it so no furring strips are necessary to install it.  It isn’t real cheap compared with pegboard, but I think it’s worth it for a couple pieces to hang horizontally above a workbench.  Don’t forget the huge time-savings in not cutting a 4×8 sheet down or buying and cutting furring strips.  Alligator even includes stainless screws, so installation is quick and easy: all you’ll need is a screw gun and a level.”

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