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Dazrin writes: “I saw a comment in the Gerber Sport Utility Kit review that made me want to post something on first aid kits.  I carried around a home-made first aid kit — thanks to my wife and mother-in-law — with me for a few years.  I couldn’t imagine not having one anymore.  We’ve used it for many things from trail side (4×4 trails) patching to scraped knuckles in the garage, and when a friend had an allergic reaction to something at a church potluck we had the right meds to help her out.”  

“Mine was stolen recently so I bought an Adventure Medical Kits ‘Outfitter Kit’ first aid kit.  I like to have a fairly complete kit, so that is why I chose the Outfitter, but AMK has a lot of other kits available.”

“Amazon has it at a decent price — as opposed to getting the components separately — and it’s a great value.   Basegear.com also has them (and much more) for a good price.  When supplemented with more bandaids, more generic drugs, a flashlight, an emergency blanket, etc. you can make a good kit like this great.” 

“The old kit was in a red, Stack-On tool box and had “First Aid” written on it in reflective tape, so it was easy to find for anyone who was just told ‘get the first aid kit.’  The new one is soft-sided which is good and bad: good in that you have less wasted space — almost the same contents, 1/2 the space — but bad in that everything can get crushed easily and it is denser, so it is harder to find the one thing you need.”

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