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These people from GreeneMotor brought out a number of motorcycles and scooters that they converted entirely to electric power.  They claim that you can ride 450 miles on a single dollar’s worth of juice — even at California rates.  Thumb your noses at the Prius crowd — you’re really green now.  At least you’d be the first person on your block with an almost totally silent ride.

GreeneMotor [Greenemotor.com]


The guys over at the Crucible created this BMW-car-powered land speed motorcycle in their spare time and are hoping to set some records with it later this year.  In this picture, the front fairing has been removed so the crowd can see their sweet engine installation.

The Crucible is a community learning center where Bay Area residents come to learn blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, metal casting, and all sorts of interesting — and almost lost, in some cases — skills.  We’ll definitely have more on the crucible here on Toolmonger later.


Really.  We’re not kidding.  A person runs in the “human wheel” on the left, which powers this 30-foot-tall nose picker.  It’s called “The Disgusting Spectacle,” and the line is at last 20′ long to give it a whirl.


Tracks + boiler = seriously cool RC vehciles!  I saw this little sucker a few minutes ago in the robotics pavilion.  A few seconds after I took this picture he set up a bunch of miniature logs and ran them over.  Nice.


We’re readers (and big fans) of Robot magazine, and they’re here at Maker Faire in force today located over in the robotics pavilion.  We stopped to say hello, and you should, too.  Even if you’re not here at the Faire, check out their website where you can subscribe.  We do!

Robot Magainze [BotMag.com]


Yep — this is just what it looks like: a massive walking robotic giraffe that can actually carry three or four people on its back.  We’ll see if we can’t get some better pictures (and maybe some video) later.


These guys have converted numerous Priuses (Pri-i?) from pure Hybrid to plug-in mode, allowing them to achieve 100+ MPG in daily driving.  The best part: they’re putting together a kit to help you do it, too!  There’s a lot of re-programming involved, so they’re hoping to provide you all the tough stuff so all you’ll need is some tools, time, a Prius, and a desire to shun gasoline like the plague.

We’ll bring you more information about this when we get back into the office, as I’d imagine a number of you’ll be interested in trying this yourselves.


I just saw a spinner kick the living crap out of this mean-looking beer keg smasher — knocking him out of this weekend’s competition.  A word to those of you who haven’t seen a live competition of this sort: it’s a lot wilder than it looks on TV.  These robots knock parts off each other and send them crashing into the lexan shields at an alarming rate.  You can clearly hear a “THWACK.”  Wow!


We saw this over in the robotics pavilion this morning, and it’s just what it looks like: a drum kit wired with actuators to play itself.  It’s quite appropriately named “Animal.”


Here’s our new friend Eugene with a telescope he and some students from around the Bay Area built entirely from scratch.  The kicker: it’s computer controlled so it can be tele-operated.  Eugene’s dream is a world covered with these inexpensive, remote-controlled ‘scopes connected via a computer network so users can experience dark skies — somewhere in the world — any time of the day or night and even from urban areas.

Linuxastronomy.org [Eugene’s Site]