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Now until June 30, Makita is hosting an online Feel Innovation sweepstakes — the grand prize is a combo of motorcycles and quads, and first prize is an 18V fifteen-piece combo kit including every tool in Makita’s LXT Li-Ion line.

Just fill out the online form and you’re good to go. I didn’t see a clause that said you can only enter once, so it might be an enter-as-often-as-you-like affair.  Then again, I didn’t really spend a lot of time poring over the huge wall of sweeps rules.

Check out Makita’s site for the entry form.

Entry Form [Makita]


Miller’s new Free Stuff or Cash promotion goes until July 31st — basically it’s a mail-in rebate deal, except Miller was smart enough to know that we want gear, too.  So instead of cash you can opt for the Stuff option, which will net you a selected item that lists for roughly twice the amount of the cash option.

Thankfully Miller isn’t doing the classic thing where you need to finance a small country to get a free toothbrush. Also, the gear is matched to the item you purchase — for instance, if you buy a Wildcat welder Miller will give you $100 or a Black Performance auto-darkening helmet.

Of course both the cash and gear are a “mail in and wait” game, but if you’re making the purchase anyway it’s a nice kick on the back end.  I always forget about it after a week or two, so when whatever mail-order thing I have coming finally arrives, it’s like finding a twenty in the dryer.

Free Stuff or Cash [Miller]


DeWalt must think the “win free stuff” gene in tool guys is overpowering.  Yes, you too can enter a contest to win a DeWalt LED light — if you’re willing to give ’em your email address.  “Get spammed a metric bucketful, and we’ll give you a flashlight.”

Why should I give up my privacy for a chance at a plain old LED flashlight — especially when I can buy a 3-C Maglite for under $20?  Will it dust vampires, or signal spaceships, or give us x-ray vision?  No?  Meet us halfway — give us something rechargeable if you plan to spam us.

At least they’re putting up the aluminum beat-down kind and not cheapo plastic ones.

Win Flashlights [DeWalt]
DPGA-2L Flashlight [DeWalt]
DPGA-3D Flashlight [DeWalt]
Street Pricing DPGA-2L [Google Products]
Street Pricing DPGA-3D [Google Products]


Lenox and a handful of other sponsors have teamed up to build the “Site Commander” — actually, they built three of them, and you can enter to win one.  The meat of the prize is a 2008 Dodge 5500 HD 4×4 Quad Cab with 305 HP and 610 foot-pounds of torque.  They don’t say it, but that sounds like a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel.

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The Christmas swag starts coming a little earlier every year. It’s not even Halloween, and already St. Nicholas’s bearded face has popped up in the ad for the Smoky Mountain Knife Works Schrade Old Timer Sweepstakes.  I believe they win the Holiday Season Jump-the-Gun award this year.

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Sears, Kenmore, and Better Homes and Gardens have teamed up to offer an interesting giveaway. The jist of it:  You can win a weekend of antiquing with Eric Cohler –- he’s a super-high-end interior designer, for those of you who don’t know –- in Falls Village, Connecticut.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, Jet is running a 50th anniversary giveaway. As always, be prepared for the advertising and the possibility of spam if you sign up — but they’re giving away a good band saw this month, and the grand prize is a $10,000 shop upgrade. Next month you could win a chain hoist.

50th Anniversary Sweepstakes [Jet Tools]


Maytag is kicking off their “Decade of Dependability” promotion by offering one lucky winner free Maytag appliances for life. If you win they’ll outfit your home once and then completely upgrade the products every ten years, for as long as you’re alive to use them.

The entry deadline is June 30th, and you can enter up to five times either by snail mail or via the Sears website. Since it’s a nationwide thing the odds are stacked against you, but if lightning does happen to strike, you can put your mind at ease and not have to worry about your kitchen gear — ever. In our humble opinion, that’s worth filling out a few entry forms.

Entry Form and Giveaway Rules [Sears]


Irwin Quick-Grip is giving away $2,500 of their own products — that’s a lot of clamps — and a $7,500 gift card to Rockler — that’s a lot of lathe wax.

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This entertainment center is a great example of making an odd space a usable center piece. Most folks just stuff plants under the stairs or use to store boxes of junk. Oooboooe and hs friend Dave (pictured here) decided to make a 30 draw monster out of the unused space.

Some of the draws are combined into one but it’s still huge. The best part is the access door the guys built in the back to get at cables. Now that’s thinking.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]