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Once again, this year the tool racing fanatics are coming together in Columbus, Ohio, on August 20th to shake the heavens (in this case “heavens” consists almost entirely of a thrown-together 2×4 track located in a large warehouse) with the rumbling of cobbled-together power tool warriors.

You can check out the website for more details/vids/etc. At toolraces.com. The carnage goes down at the columbus idea foundry in Columbus, Ohio.

Honestly, how can anything that gets together a bunch of tool freaks sponsored in part by beer and vodka companies be a bad thing? Sure, someone might lose the odd digit or two, but that almost never happens. And after all the modifying of gear happens, there’s racing and crashes. There’s no downside here.

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We often go on about the value of pocket knives and how handy they are to have around in everyday life. On occasion I stow a small Swiss Army knife with me in a checked bag (not carry-on) when I go on a business trip. However, that does not translate to carrying knives on planes in the carry-on section, as Mr. Amr Gamal Shedid of Baltimore attempted to do in D.C. earlier this week.

All we can say is “Huh?” Mr. Shedid states he’s a collector of knives, but what kind of jackwagon decides it’s a good idea to try to bring gravity, switchblade, and butterfly knives in through security?

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It’s the 4th of July today and we’re sure everyone’ll be celebrating Independence Day with the same time-tested recipe — cookouts and fireworks. This year, once again, we’ve heard tell of our friends and neighbors’ planned displays. In truth, sometimes it’s quite scary but just keep a few things in mind on our shared day of explosives and fun.

If you plan to light up the backyard and show the neighborhood what you got, send us some pics of your ostentatious display, especially if it lights the field next door on fire. Those are always the best stories.

In all seriousness we highly recommend that you check your local laws, understand the safety guidelines for the fireworks you buy, and learn how to properly dispose of them after firing. It was much less complicated when we were kids — light it, watch it explode, run away.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety [Website]


Jason Feldner, son of Sauron the horrible, did look out onto the land and he said “Come, pathetic tool writer hobbits and test these drills, that I might crown the One Drill.” And so it was that the hobbits were made to to suffer in the bowels of Chicago’s heat in search of the One Drill for the son of Sauron.

“Screw!” Barked the Feldner. “Screw and screw some more! Find me the One Drill, for you will not be released from bondage until you do!” And the hobbits toiled.

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Today Toolmonger is taking a bit of a rest for Memorial Day as we celebrate and honor those who served. Our plans include watching the local parade and perhaps a little time outside with the grill, weather permitting. Of course there is also a Top Gear Marathon on BBCA all day today which we have the feeling at least a piece of is in our forecast.

We give our heartfelt thanks to the men and women on active duty and those that served in years gone by. Your service does not go unsung or unseen.


Every year it seems we end up missing the SHOT Show — this year it’s out in Vegas on the 18th-21st of January. We really hate to miss it, because the only thing better than knives and sporting goods is knives and sporting goods in Vegas. As usual, W.R. Case has a booth out there and is rolling out some of the year’s goodies to come.

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At the ripe old age of 34, I plan to get my first Ink done this year. It’s a something I’ve wanted to do for the last ten years, but never got around to it — this is the year. I thought my decaying death dragon concept was gonna be freaky, but I’m not even in the running for oddball. Apparently if you get the most badass Milwaukee tattoo before December 2011, every year will be like Christmas with free Milwaukee tools for life.

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A warm breeze wafts into your nostrils the faint smell of burning motor windings and blood that mysteriously hang above twin tracks of plywood glory. The tracks seem to disappear into the distance as the sounds of over-amped warriors stretching their power cords strike your ear canal with a defiant scream. It’s the scene of the second Ohio Tool Racing Championships, happening August 21st at the Columbus Idea Foundry.

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At the Bosch 2010 Global Leadership Tour yesterday, we found the answer to several questions that have plagued the industry for years. One, can a bunch of tool writers build and decorate a bean-bag toss set in under two hours? And the other — do the judges of the build at Bosch understand fundamental laws of the universe?

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On Friday, Jan. 8, I went up to Fine Lumber & Plywood in Austin to attend a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event. it was a bit brisk — actually damn cold — for central Texas, but the Fine Lumber folks had set up heaters in their warehouse for the show, and it wasn’t too bad inside. Attendance on this Friday afternoon was light — due to the cold? — so it was easy to talk to other attendees, factory reps, and woodworking experts there.

I managed to get out without buying anything, but it was lots of fun getting a chance to try various Lie-Nielsen planes (they brought several as you can see in the picture above) with instructions and demonstrations by factory reps. I really liked getting long, almost transparent, curls off hardwood with a finely-tuned plane.

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