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About 10 minutes into the movie Tron: Legacy, the character Sam Flynn rides his Ducati up to his dockside home: an industrial-looking place obviously built from shipping containers. Large glass garage doors open on the front and back, permitting him to store his bike right in the living room and giving his living room a water-front view. It’s a bit of a dive, but I couldn’t help but wonder: could a home like this — cleaned up, of course — work for normal living? And how expensive would it be (or would it even be possible) to build one?

It turns out I’m not the only one thinking along those lines. Meet Adam Kalkin and his Quik House.

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I saw a post over at Lifehacker today touting the old idea of slapping a little heat shrink tubing around a tool and shrinking it down to create a custom “grip,” and that got me thinking about the various ways I know how to accomplish this — and what ways you as Toolmongers might know that I don’t.

My favorite method is PlastiDip. It’s been around forever and works pretty simply: just open up the tub/can and dip the handles of your favorite pliers or whatever in. Pull ’em out and let ’em dry and you get a protective, grippy rubber-like coating.

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