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It’s day two of glove week, and today we’re trying on Mac Tools’ Foose-branded work gloves.  One thing even the most casual observer will notice is that these gloves are stuffed full of logos.  Foose Designs, Mac Tools, and a little yellow tag on the edge seam that reads “Mechanix Wear” all fight for hand-space like NASCAR sponsors. 

We’d imagine that at least a few hardcore deals went down to bring these gloves to the public, but (as always) we ask only one question:  “Are they worth a crap in the shop?”  There’s only one way to find out, so we put ’em to the test.  Read on past the jump for our experiences and lots of pics.

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Chip Foose created a special section on his Foose Design website chock full of items perfect for Father’s Day gifts, including numerous posters of his sweet rod drawings, some T-shirts, and the Overhaulin’ DVD pictured above.  If you’re buying for the tool guy who’s already got every tool he wants, this might fill the bill.

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What can we say?  We’re big Foose fans, both for his incredible work and his incredible art.  Some people can draw pretty pictures of cars, but how many of them can actually build the car such that it looks just as crazy as the illustration?  Foose.  That’s about it.

So when we heard about MAC’s Foose-branded special edition tool kit, we had to see it.  And see it we did.  Wow.  We’re totally blown away.  So many celebrity collectors’ kits are just completely impractical; They’re either designed in such a way that the prettiness wears off if you use them or they’re full of tools for which you have no need whatsoever.  While it’d have been so easy for MAC to just slap Foose’s hot-item name and graphics on a kit and shove it out the door, they really put some time into selecting the tools.

Let’s get that out of the way right up front: The selection of tools in this kit is so well thought out that it’d make a killer starter kit for anyone looking to get into automotive work.  The tools themselves are absolutely first class quality, too.  This is the ultimate Christmas present for your tool-loving spouse or friend.

Update: Some readers asked where exactly these tools are manufactured.  They’re manufactured overseas to the same spec as the MAC tools manufactured here in the US, and the ones we saw at the facility were there for quality control checks, which are performed here.  We’re speaking with the actual engineer in charge in the next day or so, but the early word seems to be that they were sent out mainly because they didn’t want to tool up for the one-off special finish.  My take?  This is a helluva deal for some great tools.  They look and feel just like the other MAC tools we’ve used, and we can attest that they’re quite durable.  More soon.

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