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The Fine WoodWorking blog reports that Boston’s WGBH will be producing a new PBS woodworking show featuring Thomas J. MacDonald (a.k.a. T. Chisel from his series of web videos). Maybe we’ll have someone to fill the void created when Norm retired from TV?

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A few weekends ago I got restless — Norm’s project was a rerun, Bob’s old house episode was even older than me, and there weren’t any other good woodworking shows on. Trying to get my fix, I came across Woodworking Online’s podcasts and the new Woodsmith Shop show.

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With colder weather setting in, keep in mind that the ole’ homestead may need some maintance around this time of year. Why not make a list and jump to it? We found Bob’s list of items that need doing on bobvilla.com. Here it is in part.

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According to the Bradenton Herald (via Newsday), Bob Vila’s launching his own tool line.  Really.  From their coverage:

“Designed to be user-firnedly enough for the average homeowner, piece range from $16.90 for a utility knife to $79.90 for a 300-piece drill accessory kit.”

The tools are to be sold via the Home Shopping Network and directly via Bob’s own site, so we strolled over to BobVila.com to check ’em out.  At first glance, they appear to be similar in build quality to the “celebrity” brands created for and marketed to women recently.  One major difference: Bob seems to have put some real thought into the accessories provided with many of the kits.

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