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Once again, this year the tool racing fanatics are coming together in Columbus, Ohio, on August 20th to shake the heavens (in this case “heavens” consists almost entirely of a thrown-together 2×4 track located in a large warehouse) with the rumbling of cobbled-together power tool warriors.

You can check out the website for more details/vids/etc. At toolraces.com. The carnage goes down at the columbus idea foundry in Columbus, Ohio.

Honestly, how can anything that gets together a bunch of tool freaks sponsored in part by beer and vodka companies be a bad thing? Sure, someone might lose the odd digit or two, but that almost never happens. And after all the modifying of gear happens, there’s racing and crashes. There’s no downside here.

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How many times have you been watching a movie where you see a guy cutting a hole in a 2″ steel plate with a little portable plasma cutter? Every time it happens I want to stand up and scream “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A) That’s a tough job for a mounted big-ass cutter, and B) the duty cycle on a little 20A plasma cutter lasts about 20 seconds — not five minutes!” So we have to offer the producers of Green Hornet a big Toolmonger kudos for getting it right: Notice that the Hornet himself (Seth Rogen) in the screencap above is cutting the head off his father’s statue with a gas torch. Nice.

This is doubly-cool considering that so much of the movie is (hilariously) farcical. Love the car workshop, by the way. If I ever happen to end up that rich, you can bet I’ll have such a shop — though I’ll be the one working in it.

The Green Hornet [IMDB]