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Depending on where you live, porch-swing weather may be upon you or closing in. If you don’t already have a porch swing, or if the old one needs to be retired, take a gander at the plans on Black & Decker’s site. Though it’s nothing fancy, it’ll satisfy the basic requirements: space for a butt or two, and something to hang the swing by.

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Knock-Down Utility Table

Is workspace in your household as much an issue as it is in mine? An unfortunate soldering incident has me banished from the kitchen table, and my planned basement work bench is still on my to-do list. But I came across an ingenious idea for a very simple work table via the internet TV network Revison3’s show Systm episode 13. It doesn’t get simpler than this: one piece of 3/4 inch plywood and a few simple cuts yields a stable 37″ tall 16 square-foot work space.

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Kicking back to relax in an Adirondak chair is a thing of joy, but it’s even more fun when you built the chair yourself.  Now’s your chance: we found these easy-build plans over on the Popular Mechanics site.  They’re from the June 1999 issue so may be a bit dusty, but the Adirondak has been in style since Thomas Lee built the first one in 1903 so he could chill at his summer home.

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