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Forget calculators, databanks, GPS, and cell phones. What you want in a watch is something useful like a tape measure. Leave it to the folks at Stanley to deliver exactly that… to Japan.

The watch, pictured above as dredged up by the folks at Mashable, is pretty much what you’d expect from a basic digital model, including features like a calendar, daily alarm, an electro-luminescent backlight, and a 1/100 reading stopwatch. But it also houses a short tape measure like the ones you see attached to keychains.

Watch.brando.com (who seems to be one of the earliest sources to post about the watch) offers it for $44.50. They’ve got some additional pictures as well.

Personally, I like my tape measures in my pocket (or occasionally on a keychain) rather than on my watch. And yeah, I know this isn’t particularly useful as anything except a gimmick. It’d make a great ice-breaker at a party, though. If nothing else, it’s more stylish than a fake Rolex. Right?

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