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Now that I don’t have a basement, I miss the storage space — but I don’t miss the issues with water. Water can destroy appliances, furniture, carpet, drywall, and anything else in its path, and most repairs that require a contractor will run into the thousands of dollars. I found this Basement Waterproofing Kit in the back of a magazine and was wondering if it’s worth its salt.

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If you need to drill a big hole in concrete, you’re probably looking at a core drill.  Not only do they make nice round holes, but you can reuse the core to fill the hole when you’re done doing whatever you needed to do on the other side of the concrete.  If you’re in a business like mud-jacking where you drill many holes a day, you could do worse than the Manta III Core Drill from MK Diamond.

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Since I’m not lucky enough to have access to a concrete mixer, I used to mix concrete in a wheelbarrow, which was fine — except I’d often end up with some dry mix in there, and using a rake or concrete hoe was tiring, and I’d always get splashed with the stuff.  Then I discovered the CreteSheet.

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My 7″ water-cooled tile saw sprays more water on me and on the ground than it does on the cutting surface, so I’m eager to step up to Craftsman’s 18” Laser Tile Saw.  The laser helps guide your cuts through ceramic, marble, or granite tile, and the saw cuts over the project, like a radial arm saw, so it’s easy to see where you’re going.  It comes with an extra saw blade and a stand with legs that fold up so you can roll the unit to your next job site.

The Craftsman 18” Laser Tile Saw sells for $300.  You can always rent one, but if your projects run as long as mine — several weeks or more — it’s cheaper to buy.

Tile Saw [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


When an American bricklayer says “tuckpointing” he’s talking about repairing mortar between the bricks of an existing wall, which often includes removing existing mortar.  This tough and dusty job becomes even tougher in situations where you might want to save the bricks from damage in order to put them back.  So Bosch designed a grinder especially for that purpose.

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Marshalltown’s innovative trowels make bricklaying easier, thanks to their DURAdjust ergonomic handles — a dial changes the diameter of the handle to fit the user’s hand, and a soft rubber coating adds to the comfort.  Less hand fatigue means you, or your employees, can work longer and get more done.

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Rockripper Drywall Square

A professional drywall contractor probably won’t need Johnson Level’s Rockripper drywall scoring square, but the DIY’er that only occasionally hangs a few sheets of drywall might find it useful. Perforations every 1/16″ in the blade accept a utility knife point for scoring. This makes ripping drywall much easier and more accurate for those of us who haven’t mastered the skill.

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Rolling Tape

Using a wheel to measure distance on the ground is nothing new, but using a rolling device to measure distance on a wall seems a little strange at first. Why do we need another method when we already have steel tapes, lasers, and sonics? Straight-Line claims their rolling tape keeps the surface clean of marks, calculates total linear feet and evenly spaced points, and eliminates the clumsy steel tape.

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Stabila Mason's Levels

Mason’s levels take a beating, so they have to be ruggedly designed. They get banged, dropped, and covered in dirt and mortar. If this sounds like how you treat your level, you might be interested in Stabila’s line of mason levels.

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Core drills can put big, precise holes in concrete and stone, without the vibration of a hammer drill which could damage the area around the hole. This wet core drill from Flex also helps to contain the mess, provides cooling, and advances faster.

Street pricing starts at $785, so unless you need to drill a lot of holes in really pretty stone, you might want to rent — especially since bits, which come in sizes upwards of 10″, run $50 or more for the small ones.

Wet Core Drill BHW 812 VV [Flex]
Street Pricing [Google Products]