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They’re nothing super-special, but you can never have too many lights of various sorts kickin’ around the shop. Northern Tool is currently offering a pack of three different LED lights — all featuring various flexible arms — for $10.

The smallest is a “mini 1/2-watt light” with a 4-3/4″ arm. The middle-sized one includes three LEDs and a 7-3/4″ arm, and the big hulkin’ on with the clamp mount brings six LEDs to bear with an even longer flex arm.

Wel-Bilt 3-Pk of LED Flex Lights [Northern Tool]


One thing we all expect from LED lighting is cooler running — which is true of these Rockler models, too. But the CPSC reports they’ve got some wiring issues, too. About 2,200 LED light kits distributed by woodworking giant Rockler are on the recall list due to “defective wiring that can cause the battery pack to overheat and explode, posing a risk of burn and fire hazards to consumers.”

The affected models include Rockler LED lights “with either an interchangeable spotlight head or a magnifying head.” (The magnifying version is pictured above.) You’ll find stock numbers on the lights’ packaging, and you’re looking for either 26429 (the spotlight) or 27017 (the magnifying version). If you have one, immediately stop using it and contact Rockler at (800) 260-9663 for a free repair kit and installation instructions.

LED Light Recall [CPSC]


A few months ago I was up in the attic using a trouble light to find my way around. I dropped the light, broke the bulb filament, and was left in the dark to feel my way back to the hatch. Next time I went up I brought a flashlight with me so when I dropped the trouble light for the second time I could actually see. After that experience, I asked for an LED trouble light for Christmas.

Of course, if I wasn’t such an idiot I would have been using a rough service bulb instead of a normal household bulb in the trouble light. A rough service light bulb has a shock-resistant filament so it doesn’t break when you drop it, and usually some sort of coating to contain the glass if it breaks.  Several manufacturers including Sylvania, GE, Feit, Philips, and Westinghouse make rough service bulbs that fit a medium screw base — think normal light socket — in a variety of wattages.

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Don’t panic: the picture is from Snopes.com, and it is — actually was — a holiday display set up on a home in Kansas City. The resident dismantled the display because it — as you might expect — caused a few problems such as people stopping, often very quickly in the street, to “help”.

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