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Sack-Ups are a cotton fabric with an oil and silicon base designed to prohibit corrosion and protect against dust, dirt, and scratches. The cotton’s natural wicking action draws out moisture and is “perfect for year round storage.” Originally intended to help hunters protect their guns (and often called gun socks), Sack-Ups are now also used for tools, knives, fishing equipment, archery equipment, golf clubs, and medical instruments.

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A friend sent me a link to a Russian shooting blog that had an entry on a visit to Master Nijazi Ibragimov’s workshop in Lviv, Ukraine. The Picasa album shows many things of interest to the Toolmonger, notably the disarray on the floor, the lack of many power tools (check out the D-handle drill in the drill press fixture), and the techniques he uses with wood chisels. Many of the tools are recognizable but slightly different from what we’re used to, like the large aluminum c-clamps, the buffer (with bolts proud of the body that hold the end caps on) and the small vise on one bench. It seems that most of the work he does involves pistol grips which are a mixture of sculpture and precision. It’s an interesting trip to the other side of the world!

See all the pictures here: Master Nijazi Bilyalovich Ibragimov’s Shop


The Brownells Top Dead Center Punch is an interesting tool. It’s a vee block that has a level visible on the top of the tool, with the vee below. There’s an adjustable stop that comes out from the front of the tool and a punch that rides in a hole perpendicular and centered on the vee. I bought one at a yard sale without knowing what exactly it was, so it took a bit of sleuthing.

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Attention, gun buffs:  The Sampson Field Survivor contains all the basic tools you need to service your AR15 or M16 rifle, in a package that fits in the standard pistol-grip opening.

Packed with basic cleaning tools, case extractors, hooks, scrapers, adjustment tools, and gauges, the Field Survivor locks into place in the pistol grip by twisting the tool’s base.  You can get this multi-tool from Samson for about $119.

Field Survivor [Sampson]