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Wooden shims have their advantages — for instance, with just two cheap tapered shims, you can adjust their width almost infinitely — but they’re not very handy if you want a bunch of 1/8″ shims.  Plus if you don’t stack an even number of shims, the surfaces aren’t parallel.  Although these Handi-Shims are more expensive, they might work better for some applications.

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Use Qual-Craft’s wall jack to raise walls and beams, or as a spreader to wrangle warped flooring or decking into place.  Together with a straight-grained fir 2×4 that’s clear of knots and defects, it can lift up to 1,000 pounds — or you can use multiple jacks and 2x4s to lift heavier objects.

Qual-Craft constructs the 17-pound jack from heavy-duty malleable cast iron.  The OSHA-compliant jack accepts 1″ OD pipe as a lever.

Pricing for the wall jack starts at $140.

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