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Tool King is selling this factory-reconditioned Makita 8.3A, 3/4″ hex demolition hammer for only $200.  It weighs 11 pounds, bashes away at 2,900 BPM, and comes with a case — not a bad tool if you’re starting on a demo job.

A demolition hammer will treat your body a lot better than a sledgehammer will, and it’s quicker, too.  Of course, reconditioned tools can be iffy, but they usually hold up as well as new ones.  Check the warranty details first, though.

Reconditioned Makita Demolition Hammer [Tool King]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


Specialty tools are endless — pick some job that you know someone somewhere is going to have to do, and there’s a tool for it. If you need to remove institutional-grade glued-down carpet in the middle of the day at a school, or in the middle of the night in a maternity ward, you’ll probably want this quiet, glued-down-carpet puller.

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If you can’t quite justify buying the or the of reciprocating saws, because you already own a more mundane model, you can at least make your life a little easier by adding a double-sided blade with a plunge tip. Though the demonstration video isn’t much to look at, it does demonstrate how easily this blade’ll start a cut, even in the middle of a sheet.

New blades may not give you the same “new tool” fix, but at $19 for a three-pack of the 10″ blades — and less for the smaller blades — it won’t break the bank either.

Boar Blades [Corporate Site]


In the comments section of a recent post someone asked for advice on removing a broken screw at the bottom of his pool. Though the simplest answer seemed to be a hand-cranked drill brace with a left-hand drill bit, other readers suggested a pneumatic drill or a cordless electric drill. This piqued my curiosity about the underwater tool industry, which I knew little about — so I went looking to discover what’s out there.

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Get a grip on your carpet! Pulling out old carpet is usually hard on the hands, but a carpet puller gives you a comfortable and powerful grip, so you can rip out more carpet with less hand fatigue.

While many specialty tools are so specific and expensive that renting is the best approach for the non-professional, this one is so inexpensive, you might as well have it on hand for when you need it.  Available for as little as $20, you’ll stretch your budget without straining your hands.

Shop Fox Carpet Puller [Woodstock International]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


If you’re in the market for Gerber’s Deluxe Mine Probe Kit, one of two things is probably true: A) You’re underpaid, or B) you need to move. People who remove unexploded ordnance work mostly on their bellies, inching across the battlefield, constantly in danger. For these serious people and their serious work, Gerber makes some precision mine probe tools to replace that old KA-BAR.

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When firemen or other rescue personnel need to get inside a structure, every second counts. The Inforcer rescue training aide provides valuable practice in breaching all kinds of doors and lock configurations. Finding doors that can be cut, pried, or otherwise abused can be tough for your local fire department, so the Inforcer’s replaceable locks, hinges, and padlock loops make multiple training runs a lot easier to perform.

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The NailOut

What do you get when you cross a cat’s paw with an air chisel? The NailOut. Powered by compressed air, the NailOut drives the claw underneath the nail and removes it up to ten times faster than an ordinary cat’s paw. To get the full effect you need to check out the video here.

The NailOut connects to your compressor with a standard 1/4″ inlet and draws up to 4 CFM to deliver 4,600 blows per minute. If you need to remove 200 nails in a hurry, this is the tool for you. Check out the NailOut on Amazon for $150.

NailOut [Official Site]
VIa Amazon [What’s This?]

The Box Tool

This wicked looking tool — originally designed to open and close crates — looks like it would be good for taking apart objects you really don’t care to put back together.

Part hatchet, part hammer, part pry bar, this Frankenstein’s monster of a tool even sports scars in the form of wood filler in the handle and casting marks in the steel — it has the look of a “pre-owned” tool. At 13-1/2″ long, this crudely built monstrosity weighs about two pounds.

For $10 — who would pay more? — you can add the Box Tool to your arsenal of destruction. Next time your neighbor asks to borrow a hammer, give him this tool and watch the look on his face.

Box Tool [Lee Valley]


Pure oxygen is awesome stuff — combine it with with a fuel source, and it can produce a brilliant flame capable of burning through nearly anything. The traditional fuel source for Oxy-Metal cutting has been compressed acetylene; but now Petrogen offers a cutting system that uses regular gasoline.

Their gasoline cutting torch outperforms its acetylene cousin in several ways, and especially in fuel cost savings. Two and a half gallons of regular pump gas can do the work of approximately 250 cubic feet of acetylene, offering greater portability as well as significant savings — even with increasing gas prices.

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