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Sharpening flat edges is relatively easy; trying to match the curve of a gouge requires more skill and a bunch of curved stones. DMT is trying to make it easier to keep a keen edge on your curved tools with their new Diamond Wave.

While it looks like a piece of metal that’s had a bad day, it’s actually a combination of convex and concave surfaces coated with a micronized mono-crystalline diamond coating. The curves vary precisely from a radius of 0.0625″ to 1″, which gives it the ability to sharpen a wide range of curved tools. You can use the Diamond Wave dry or with water.

DMT makes the Diamond Wave in the USA. Available in fine (25-micron/600 mesh) or extra-fine (9-micron/1200-mesh), pricing starts at $47 shipped for either “stone.”

DMT Diamond Wave [Press Release]
Diamond Wave [WoodCraft]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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At one time in my life, the Dremel was the only power tool I owned and I used it for everything. It still finds its way into almost any carving or fine-scale modeling project I manage to undertake. Now Dremel has added another bullet to the already extensive accessory-laden gun with the new detail abrasive brush.

Each of the finger-style bristles on the brush has a bit of sanding abrasive embedded in it that wears down as the brush is used up to expose new grit, eliminating the need for abrasive compound. It also negates the need to replace the wheel after you wear the first bit of abrasive off. The entire wheel is abrasive, instead of just a bunch of sanding grit glued to paper.

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We’re seeing more and more dust collection devices aimed at the home woodworker. For instance, you wouldn’t think a flexible shaft tool would kick out much sawdust, but then again it doesn’t take much sawdust to make a huge mess. Enter the Flexible Shaft & Dust Extractor, sold by Lee Valley.

Connect the 6mm flexible shaft to any tool with a chuck — just don’t try to run the shaft in reverse or over 10,000 RPM — and connect a vacuum to the dust collection port, and you’re ready to do some shaping, sanding, grinding, or whatever rotary operation you choose with less mess.

On the end of the 46″ flexible shaft is a handle with a three-jaw 3/8″ Jacobs style chuck surrounded by the dust collecting shroud. You connect the vacuum via a 1-1/4″ diameter, 54″ long hose that comes off the rear of the handle.

Not only does this $105 tool look a lot like an attachment for King Arthur’s Tools Guinevere total sanding system, but the optional dust extractor extender is also identical, so we’re guessing King Arthur’s is the supplier of this flexible shaft tool.

Flex Shaft and Dust Extractor [Lee Valley]
Guinevere Accessories [King Arthur’s Tools]

Somewhere behind a desk sits an engineer with a very creative head on his shoulders. Whoever it is, a bright solution for sanding odd surfaces came off his desk in the form of Gator Grit’s sanding sponges. Essentially rectangular prisms of closed cell foam, their outsides are coated with an abrasive very similar to sand paper. For concave surfaces, that can be pretty handy. Trying to get big mitts on the inside of some surfaces can be a real treat, and these can take the sting out of it.

$5 for a two-pack is a lot to pay for what amounts to some six-sided sand paper, but for special jobs, these could be just the trick. Ever tried to prepare the inside of a turned wooden bowl for lacquer or stain? T-minus two minutes to cramped fingers, unless you have a few of these in your tool chest. Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry a variety of grits and dimensions.

Sanding Sponge Pack [Gator Grit]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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Marshalltown designed the Rapid Rasp to be a low-cost tool for shaving foam insulation and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) to size.

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Removing putty from windows is almost never a fun task — you run the risk of breaking the window if you push the wrong way, and you can scorch the wood if you try applying heat.  I usually end up just using a putty knife and hoping for the best, but this Prazi Putty Chaser looks like it could take a lot of the work out of the job.

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The versatility of the reciprocating saw puts it on the list of must-have tools, but here’s one use we bet you hadn’t thought about: power rasp!  Paws Off manufactures a rasp blade that fits most reciprocating saws, for if you ever need to remove some wood in a hurry.

Attach the Woodhog-Rasp to clean out notches, round over edges and corners, or shape curves faster than a hand-held rasp and without banging your knuckles.

We’ve yet to see pictures of the other side of the rasp, so we’re not sure if it’s curved or flat, or if it even has teeth, but if the Woodhog fills a need that you didn’t even know you had, you can pick it up for around $27.

Woodhog-Rasp Adapter [Paws Off]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


The sanding block I currently use is whatever scrap wood I can find — this works well for the most part, but the possibility of something better out there piques my interest.  Looking at all the various options, I’m thinking a basic model would be best for me, rather than a more ergonomic one, and I want something that takes a quarter to a third of a sheet.  3M’s 9248NA Sanding Block fits these requirements, so I’m going to give it a shot.

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The Dremel has long reigned as king of the multi-tools because it can handle most small to medium-size jobs with ease, but several contenders are looking to unseat the Dremel from its throne, including Rockwell’s SoniCrafter.  Instead of turning its attachments through a full revolution, the SoniCrafter’s “Microsonic” technology creates a high-frequency oscillating back-and-forth motion that makes the tool easy to control.

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Stop thinking with your stomach — we’re not talking about the candy bar, but the abrasive product from FastCap that lets you break or relieve the sharp edges of sheet goods, hardwoods, or softwoods with just one pass.

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