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Now you can drain toilets or fill a fountain with your drill — and Jabsco’s drill-powered pump. You simply attach the built-in 1/4″ diameter shaft to your portable drill, and pull the trigger. The self-priming pump does the rest. Jabsco’s pump can move 3-1/2 gallons per minute, and it even comes with 3/4″ garden hose adapters.

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When it comes to workspace storage and organization, Lista is the cream of the crop. They’ve earned their reputation by designing products that are easy to use and customize. I doubt there’s any convenience you could wish for in a cabinet or drawer system that Lista hasn’t already implemented.

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Silver Leatherman1.jpg

To celebrate their upcoming 25th anniversary Leatherman is releasing a special edition of the Charge multi-tool, one of their top products. Leatherman makes many versions of the Charge family of multi-tools, with slight tool variations and aluminum or titanium handles. This special edition, however, will be hand-crafted from sterling silver!

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dust bubble1.jpg

The Dust Bubble disposable dust collector adheres to walls and other surfaces for a quicker and easier post-drilling cleanup. The Dust Bubble also cuts down on preparation time because it eliminates the need to remove or protect furniture and other belongings in the vicinity of the to-be-drilled zone. Stick it. Drill it. Bin it. The days of holding a drill with one hand and a vacuum with the other are over!

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Wiha makes excellent precision screwdrivers, but their full-sized drivers deserve the same praise. The ribbed tips on Wiha’s Anti-Cam-Out screwdrivers prevent the tool from slipping off of fasteners, which prevents damaged fasteners and personal injury. Their comfortable and contoured no-roll handles, durable tips, and low cost make Wiha’s A.C.O. and 3K screwdrivers great tools.

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CC Calendar1.jpg

You can now get the 2008 Craftsman Club calendar at most Sears locations nationwide. Along with the joy of a free calendar, you get 24 coupons, two per month — some great, others lousy, but for the price, one can hardly complain.

Some of the better coupons offer $5 off $25 purchases, $10 off $50 purchases, 25% off a regular-priced stick tool (whatever that may be), and $25 off any tool storage combo, regular or sale-priced. If you’re a Craftsman Club member, you can collect your calendar for free. Non-members can either pay $10 or find a cashier who’ll punch in their numbers for you.



If you or your children are interested in crafting small derby cars, head to Lowe’s on Tuesday for a free demonstration. After they show you how to make a derby car faster and more aerodynamic, your kids’ll get an attendance badge, and you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off Dremel products. See more details after the jump.

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Blind Selection.jpg

Many of you base your tool purchases on firmly established brand preferences. What if, all of a sudden, those biases were gone, and you were left clueless and in need of many new tools? Would you trust someone else to select your new tool brands for you, or would you endure the time and cost of trying out different brands to rediscover your preferences?

Quite a few vendors, such as McMaster Carr, thoroughly describe certain products, but they exclude the brand information. In these cases, although you may know the country of origin, you won’t know who manufactures the product until it’s purchased and received.

Many people would never entertain such an indirect selection process, while others don’t care who makes their tools as long as it’s a US-based facility. We want to know what you guys think. Is “blind” tool selection hot, or not? For example, if you didn’t know your Craftsman from your SK or Snap-On, what would you do? Let us know in comments!

On a personal note, there are at least half a dozen excellent brands that I never would have known about if not for “blind” purchasing. So, we’ll start things off with one tally for a “Hot” vote.

(Thanks to my wife for patiently posing for the photo.)



“Paint easier. Paint smarter. Paint without the wait!” The makers of Painter’s Pyramid claim their product will save you time and effort, and we found much truth in this claim. The simple plastic devices allow you to paint one side of a workpiece immediately after the other without having to wait for the fresh paint to dry. They’re non-stick and non-marring, and they can even handle large workpieces weighing up to 200 pounds!

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Rockler’s running their winter clearance sale. You can get a T-track starter kit complete with 4′ of track, eight knobs, and eight t-bolts, for $12 — one of the better deals. This track probably won’t accept standard hex head hardware, but that’s easy to overlook since the price is so low.


They’re offering a lot of decent deals, so search hard and order quickly before they run out. Although Rockler’s tiered shipping rates are a bit high, you can offset it by purchasing lots of sale products. Warning: The website will add some sale products to your cart two at a time, but you can usually purchase a single unit without losing the discount.

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