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In response to this recent post, Toolmongers have come out strongly in favor of pocket knives. Almost everyone agrees that pocket knives come in handy all the time, even if you don’t always have the right tool for a given situation. But if your pockets are big enough to carry this 87-tool Swiss Army knife, you will always have the right tool for the situation.

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A chisel is a useful hand tool or bench tool, but you don’t want to carry it around in your pocket.  You risk cutting your pocket and yourself, unless you can keep track of the plastic caps that sometimes come with them. FastCap has come up with a solution in their new Pocket Chisel.

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When biscuits came out in 1956, they changed woodworkers’ approach to butt joinery. Simply by lining up two separate slots and inserting a glue-covered biscuit, you could join panels easily. Now Lamello, the company that brought us the biscuit, has come out with a new way to join wood: the Fixo biscuit.

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If you want a power tool in a color other than Delta gray, Jet white, Ridgid orange, or Hitachi “aggressive” green, WoodWerks can help. They’re selling the Powermatic PM2000 cabinet saw with options that include not only custom paint, but custom knobs and a custom name plate. And the PM2000 won Fine Woodworking‘s Editor’s Choice for Cabinet Saw in 2006 — so you know your saw’s beauty is more than skin-deep.

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Needlenose pliers excel at precision work: those times you want to grab that small screw, bend that wire, or pick up that button from the small hole in the floor. Any old pair of needlenose will work for those tasks, but what if you need to grab wires so fine you can barely see ’em? You don’t want some clonky pair of needlenose pliers whose jaws don’t even touch — you want the strength of pliers, plus the precision of a pair of tweezers. Xuron’s Tweezernose pliers give you just that.

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A few weekends ago I got restless — Norm’s project was a rerun, Bob’s old house episode was even older than me, and there weren’t any other good woodworking shows on. Trying to get my fix, I came across Woodworking Online’s podcasts and the new Woodsmith Shop show.

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Leatherman key tool.jpg

The online community at EDC Forums focuses on the everyday carry lifestyle/obsession, which is basically an interest in items that you always have on you: knives, tools, keys, packs, etc. A small portion of the members take the interest further by customizing tools for specific individual needs, which is pretty cool — one of the coolest is the Keyman mod.

The mod consists of a stripped-down Leatherman with filed-down keys substituted for the tools. EDC Forum member shadeone created the compact, jingle-free, key-carrying solution shown above. You can check out more picks of this and other mods via the links below.

Shadeone’s Post [EDC Forums]
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The AVT in Makita’s AVT line of tools stands for Anti-Vibration Technology. The AVT tools work on the same principle as a boxer engine in a motorcycle: a mechanism inside the tool propels a counterweight that balances the force of the tool’s stroke. In addition to giving the user a much smoother experience, the technology also increases the efficiency of the tool, because it isn’t jolted all around while it’s cutting or pounding or whatever. Toolmonger has featured the AVT jackhammer — and of course, we’d all love to use a jackhammer at least once. But now the AVT technology is also available in a tool your average Toolmonger can get some use out of, a recip saw.

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Every tool collection needs a good hand plane.  Without taking up too much space, it can quickly and quietly tweak your woodworking projects.  And it doesn’t have to be an elaborate tool — Woodsmith offers a kit for making a simple wooden hand plane.

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When you hear die grinder, you probably think of a small tool that you operate one-handed — and with most die grinders you’d be right. But the Dynabrade 8″ extension grinder could grind that perception right out of your head. The 8″ extension grinder grinds metal like your average die grinder, but the handle has grown eight inches. It gives the tool a greater reach, but more importantly it gives you more leverage, because the standard one-handed tool has become a two-handed grinding machine.

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