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Two years ago, on a whim, I joined the Arbor Day Foundation (www.arborday.org). With a ten-dollar membership fee I joined the Foundation and they sent me 10 native trees for the area. The trees all came in a nice package but were no more than a foot tall and bare-rooted. I thought, oh well, it was only 10 bucks.

Our daughters’ house (near the college they were attending) had no trees on the lot so I decided to split them up. I kept 4 of the trees for my yard and planted the other 6 in the girls’ yard.  Three of the four in my yard have grown to a height of 4-5 feet and are doing great. I did lose one which has since been replaced by a beautiful Magnolia tree. The girls, however, promptly mowed down all six trees within a matter of months after planting. Something tells me they were in the Saturday morning I-don’t-want-to-do-yard-work mode. They, too, shall learn one day.

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