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After many suggestions from other bloggers and even some readers — and asking our readers what they thought about the subject — Toolmonger recently signed up for an Amazon associate account.  After a lot of soul searching, we decided that Amazon’s associate program is similar to all other forms of advertising — it’s only a problem if we allow it to affect our writing, and we’re not about to let it do that.

Here’s how we intend to use it.  When the tool mentioned in a post is available via Amazon, we’ll add a “Buy It Now from Amazon” link following our standard corporate and Froogle links at the end of the post.  This does not constitute a “recommendation” on the part of Toolmonger.  In fact, you’ll find this link at the end of posts in which we indicate we don’t like the tool as well.

If you plan on buying the tool, and decide to buy it from Amazon, we appreciate you considering the possibility of using our Amazon Associate link to buy it as Toolmonger will receive a slight fee from Amazon.���������� However, if you’re not an Amazon buyer — or you find a better deal — we’re also pleased to see you buy from any source you choose, or to not buy at all.  Our job is not to sell you tools — it’s to inform you about them.

We take that job very seriously.

It’s important to us that you realize that we follow the same procedures you’ll find at major print publications regarding our test tools and advertising separation.  The bottom line: If we think it’s a piece of crap, we’ll tell you so.  If not, we’ll tell you that, too.  And we’ll never, repeat never hide an associate link.  They’ll always be clearly labeled with a link to this page.

If you have any concerns regarding our inclusion of these links, you’re welcome to contact us directly.


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