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In a quest for better ergonomics, YouTube videographer pocket83 designed a simple and creative mod for the handles on his drill press by hollowing out a few golf balls. He removes the original plastic nubs on the rotating handle, drills out the rubber cores of a few Wilsons, and replaces them with threaded nuts to create larger handles with a smoother rotation.

I can’t help but wonder if there are common concerns people have with big shop tools, the way 1990s Grand Cherokees seem to usually have transmission problems, A/C failure, and a creaky driver door hinge (ours was a ’97 and I still miss it).

Are there known issues with your favorite tools, and if so, do you have simple modifications you recommend to keep them running smoothly?


8 Responses to Video Friday: Golf Ball Drill Press Mod

  1. DP says:

    For those who have salvaged golf balls from ponds, be careful! My brother made a ladder wrap game where you toss 2 golf balls that are tethered together. While drilling one of the balls he found in water, the heat from the friction turned the water that had snuck into the core to steam and was released violently while drilling. Awesome video.

    • Ben says:

      Hey DP, the issue your Brother found wasn’t because of the ball being stuck in water. It was most likely a Titleist ball which has fluid in the outside core. Do a google search on it and you will see people saying not to use them for Ladder Golf games. I drilled into one just for fun and sure enough the internet was right, it even distorts the outside to where it isn’t spherical anymore…

      PS. I did this exact same thing to my PM1150 drill press 5 years ago when I bought it used and it only came with 1 knob, apparently I was ahead of the trend.

    • dave says:

      It is very unlikely that drilling into a golf ball would create enough friction caused heat to vaporize liquid inside. It’s far more likely the core was pressurized when manufactured.

      Further balls don’t generally have any gaps or holes, no way for water to get inside.

  2. Cameron Watt says:

    That’s brilliant. Some Loctite on those handles would be on my to-do list as well; they always seem to get loose.

    Another golf ball use: A sawfiler friend drills golf balls to use as file handles.

    On a couple occasions when dealing with a drill press that had a dodgy handle for clamping the table to the pedestal, I welded on a 1/2″ nut to replace it; then a matching wrench was hung on the machine beside the chuck key.

    In one of these shops all the custom clamps and jigs had the same sized nuts so the workers just needed one wrench to work with any fixture or clamp set.

  3. Steve says:

    DP, some golf balls have a liquid filled core. A mixture of corn syrup and salt water, from what I have heard.

  4. Jim Hogan says:

    Wow, interesting. Im going to have to try it out with one of my range balls!

  5. Jasper says:

    This is absolutely brilliant I’ve just spent the entire morning doing this to three of my drills. It’s definitely brightened up my workshop and is not a lot more comfortable to use. Cheers

  6. Ryan says:

    Amazing mod! I have created some wooden handles, but they are just a tiny bit better than the defaults. I wonder why i havn’t had that idea before. Simple, yet genius!

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