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Before you head out to get your lawn and landscape machinery humming again, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recent tool recalls (beginning January 1, 2013) to avoid unwanted burns, gas leaks, lacerations, and explosions.

Recall: Briggs & Stratton Ariens Compact Snow Throwers
The carburetor bowl nut on Ariens’ orange-and-black 24-inch Snow-Thro can allow gas to leak from the unit, causing a fire hazard. The model number is 920014 with serial numbers from 100,000 through 119,039. They were sold from August-September 2012 at Ariens and Home Depot locations nationwide.

Recall: Ryobi Lithium 18 V 4Ah Battery Pack
The cordless tool battery pack, model P108 and part number 130429028, can overheat and burst while on a charger, causing fire and burn hazards. They were sold at Home Depot in the U.S. and Canada from September-December 2012.

Recall: Homelite Electric Blower Vacuums
Objects drawn into the vacuum may break through the plastic housing, causing risk of laceration. The recall involves “two different model and serial number ranges, including model UT42120 with serial numbers BMP3540001 through BMR2103100, and model UT42120A with serial numbers BMR2120001 through BMR3421250.” They were sold at Home Depot stores and on homedepot.com from February-December 2012.

Recall: Expert Gardener Electric Blower Vacuums
Same issue as with the Homelite vacuums. The recall affects “two different model and serial number ranges, including model 20254EG with serial numbers BMP3010001 through BMR3311972, and model 20254EGC with serial numbers EUP3120001 through EUP3630730.” The blowers were sold at WalMart stores nationwide and at walmart.com from January-December 2012.

All of the recalls listed above have either zero or exactly one consumer incident reported that led to the recall — but it may still be worth the repair or item swap.

Have you ever sent a recalled item in or returned one for repair, or is it too much hassle for low-risk issues? Let us know in comments.


4 Responses to Recalled Tools: Spring Roundup

  1. Techmonkey says:

    That Homelite and Expert Gardener blower/vacuum look exactly like my Toro one. I wonder if they are all the same manufacturer?

  2. AlamoMonkey says:

    The Homelite got recalled because a customer somehow sucked up rocks into the mulcher. Being a value-brand, the rock did some damage to it. Kind of DUMB if you ask me… But Home Depot being Home Depot has to “take care of the customer” and recall them all back…

    • AlamoMonkey says:

      And the Ryobi was only one model of charger, being within a small range of serial numbers of the charger model.

    • Ryan says:

      That’s just typical. They should just trust customers taking responsibilities for their work – or stupidity in this case. But of course, the customer is always right lol!

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