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The best part about this Hitachi magnetic driver bit video is when the guy says “You’re not going to lose your screw” and the screw promptly falls off the bit and bounces off the table. That aside, while magnetic bits themselves aren’t new, there are a few worthy points of note with Hitachi’s new release.

The basic setup: these new mag bits are available in Phillips #2, Square #2, and Star T25 and have a rare earth magnet tucked into the collar. If you’ve ever used a mag bit before you’d know that you can still lose the fastener off the end pretty quickly if you’re in a hurry. The up-gunned magnet removes most of the risk of losing the fastener. But it may work a little differently for pros who often stuck the bit in a pouch while still on the drill in order to grab one or two screws, as the new magnet would grab a bunch.

The biggest advantage to the Hitachi bits is they’re designed with drywall and decking in mind to not move if the drill they’re attached to is pivoted to any angle or shaken a little. Also, since it’s Hitachi, the bits will undoubtedly be pretty affordable and available in every home center you might find yourself in. Other than needing a better script for the video demo, we’d say they’ve covered the space pretty well.

How to use Hitachi’s Magnetic Driver Bits to make your job easier? [YouTube]
Magnetic Bits [Hitachi]


5 Responses to Hitachi Magnetic Driver Bits

  1. I’d be afraid that they would hold onto too much metallic debris especially if you dip into your pouch for fasteners. Tough to tell from the videos if the bit is recessed a little or flush.

  2. Jerry says:

    I noticed they mentioned how great this might be for dry-wallers. However, after years of sticking the screw on the bit, over and over, I finally picked up a coil screw gun. I find this to be fast and efficient for drywall but I have found very little other use for it. That’s okay – I paid about $100 for it and have used it to drywall three garages and a shop. If I never use it again, I have gotten my money’s worth.

  3. jesse says:

    So when the bit wears out you have to pay for a new bit AND new magnet every time? That doesn’t sound very cost effective. How is this any better than a magnetic bit holder?

    And what’s the street price of these anyway?

  4. brew says:

    normally the magnet is under the tip, and not in the tip. so I am guessing you can replace just the tip, and the magnet stays. This looks very nice if it is as advertised. I will definitely be trying one.

  5. John Pombrio says:

    The easiest and cheapest way to firmly hold a screw down is to take a half inch round neo magnet and stick it close to the end of the driver bit.

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