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If Bosch was looking for a way to further solidify its brand ethos, it picked a heck of a good line with the Dodge Ram. Ram’s stark and powerful Super Bowl ad taps deep into the heart of the relentless labor, the rugged existence, and the humility of the American farmer — drawing straight from the agricultural traditions of Jefferson and Crevecoeur. Love it or hate it, the Ram ad makes a strong statement, and Bosch is now linked to them with their new partnership.

This partnership will include cross-promotional sweepstakes, co-branded programs at local, regional and national events, as well as joint product solutions. Kicking off at this alliance is the Bosch DRILLNDRIVE Sweepstakes, where one randomly selected winner will receive a Ram truck of their choice (a value of up to $50,000).

The sweepstakes will run through the end of February 2013. You can throw your hat into the ring by hitting the link below and filling out the form. What excites us more than the sweepstakes, though, is the possibility of Bosch working with a major truck designer on “joint product solutions” which we know won’t be anything lame like a Bosch-branded wheel jack, but rather a crafted approach to the real issues of working folks who buy serious trucks. I may be a shade biased here as I’m a fan of both work trucks and Bosch tools — but either way, it’s cool to see a pair of workhorses team up.

Stronger as 1. Bosch and Ram Trucks [Bosch]
Ram Trucks: God Made a Farmer [YouTube]


11 Responses to Bosch And Ram: A Perfect Pairing

  1. SCWetherbee says:

    What would really be cool (just for fun in the respective engineering departments)would be go build an electric truck with a motor for each wheel and power it with like 400 Bosch tool batteries.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for posting advertisements for us, not even ads for a tool just bullshit “lifestyle” ads. I know you guys want to get tools sent to you for free but you might want to tone it down just a little bit.

    • Jerry says:

      Come on, John. There are always slow news days. When you watch the 6:00 news there seems always to be some rather old news included – slow news day. I’d love to see a new tools test every day but maybe a ‘lifestyle ad’ puts a new tool in testers hands. Many of those test tools are not gifts – they are loaned for testing only and have to be returned. And, a little extra advertising is still a better choice than paying for the site. This site has given me huge amounts of valuable info. I don’t like every article but I am not required to read any of them.

  3. Jerry says:

    As consumers, I feel that there is far too much “diversification” with corporations. Certainly, big business needs to change with the market but let’s keep tools with tools and trucks with trucks. Maybe Dodge trucks will come with an assortment of Bosch tools? Or save up your Bosch box-tops (UPC’s)to get a special deal on a Dodge truck upgrade?

    • Anton says:

      I disagree. Most people that use tools also own trucks. So it would be helpful if the large and small machines we use daily played nice with each. It might be as little as having notches in the bed and backseat that accept tool cases easily and make them easy to to tie down so your drill doesn’t hit you in the head if you crash. Or how about some kind of system that lets you charge tool batteries without killing the truck battery?

  4. browndog77 says:

    What will likely happen is that when you buy a Ram truck you will receive discounts on Bosch tools, and the reverse, except it will be for Ram accessories. I doubt you will get a mark-down on a truck for buying a cordless drill!

  5. conflictedracer says:

    Purportedly the 1/2 ton 2014 or 2015 Ram will have a diesel engine option (same as what is going in the soon to be sold ’14 Grand Cherokee ecodiesel and the Chrysler 300 – though both are sold in Europe with these engines).

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