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The City Wheel is quite striking to look at. Part of the “Long Nights Big City Lights” exhibit produced by McNabb & Co., the wheel is sharp, vibrant to look at, and makes quite a statement even if you’re unsure of what it is. Look a little closer and it just gets more impressive. The wheel is made from over 60 blocks that have been carved into buildings and put back in the ring one at a time to form what you see here.

Each building was done by hand, and no two are exactly the same much in the same way buildings themselves are not the same. It’s a badass marriage of art, craftsmanship, and calculated design that, when massed together, is praiseworthy on several different levels. Once the math of the wedges had been figured out and the design was set, you’ve still got dozens of building to carve up.

Sure, once you’ve seen how it’s done, you could make a go of it, but the sheer time involved is nothing short of staggering. The artist certainly took the long-game approach when doing the wheel and the other pieces for the show –simply amazing.

The making of the wheel [YouTube]
The City Series: Wheel [McNabb & Co.]


2 Responses to Video Friday: Art with a Bandsaw

  1. Steve says:

    If you haven’t clicked through to the larger pics, do it. The video doesnt to the scale of this thing justice. It seems massive in the pics, but like a small wall clock in the video.

  2. James McNabb says:

    Hey thanks for sharing my work! Lots of great things happening over here at McNabb & Co. Studio. We just launched our first kickstarter project to help fund the development of the next pieces in the City Series collection. We’re offering custom collections of band saw cut buildings to all of our supporters. Check t out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1738946077/the-city-series-by-mcnabb-and-co-studio-0

    And one more thing. As you can see, most of this work is made using a band saw, and I’m currently entered to win a shiny new one in this contest: https://www.facebook.com/lagunatools?sk=app_179340312204474. I’m currently in 2nd place, and need more votes. Simply click the link, like the page, and vote for my city wheel. Who could possibly need this band saw more than me? Thanks for voting!

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