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As is often the case with Garrett Wade tools, the English plated brace is great, antique-looking tool pr0n that’s very expensive but not something you actually feel the need to have. The 13″ brace is carved from Beechwood and includes a 5” single square-tapered shank center bit and button-operated latch. Of course this splendid specimen of awesome will cost you $295, is only available online, and you’ll have to wait ’til mid-February for the backorder. Maybe the Garrett Wade scout-buyer who collects these from London got tied up in the pub.

While there’s no substitute for the feel that an antique style tool can give, the functionality of this tool doesn’t actually do anything a $17 Great Neck brace couldn’t do. In fact, the inexpensive one will probably last you longer, not to mention accept bits you already have around the shop.

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5 Responses to Tool Pr0n: $300 English Plated Brace

  1. Steve says:

    I bought a similar brace (old and english) at a yardsale maybe two years ago (exact model http://www.mjdtools.com/tools/list_0102/121519.htm). Its not a tools that one would really use. I bought it at a yardsale for $4 before I knew it was worth a lot, but I still never intended to use it. unlike hand plans, this 100 year old model isn’t “better” and “cheaper” then a new(er) tool. Plus 100 year old wood makes me nervous. Even if its solid, it can’t be replicated.

  2. Dave says:

    After seeing the quality and finish of previous purchase I made at GW I highly doubt this is worth more than $5 in which case the other posters yardsale deal is better.

  3. jesse says:

    In my experience everything at Garrett Wade is overpriced and overhyped.

    • fred says:

      Years ago GW was located on 6th Ave. – just north of Canal Street in Manhattan. I suppose that when that area got yuppie-fied and rents went up they decided to move out of NY. One nice thing about having a showroom – with a warehouse (more like a stockroom) attached – was that you could see the tools they were selling – and then decide if the price fit the quality. They were one of the first purveyors of Lie Nielsen planes – and introduced me to them – and what was then a few first-rate copies of older Stanley designs. Back in that day – there were few choices in shopping for a quality hand plane – and most of us hunted around (no Internet etc.) for old Stanleys – or compromised buying new Records. I can’t remember when I last bought anything from GW – it was likely when they were still in NY and I was in Manhattan at a nearby industrial distributor – but I still look at the LN block planes we give our master carpenters – and think kindly of GW

      • Dave says:

        Agreed. With companies like LN and Lee Valley now around GW is just another Brookstones of random gadgets and trinkets. If you are in the NYC area Tools for Working Wood is an excellent place to go learn and see quality tools.

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