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The Predator has been around for a while. It weighs over 500 lbs., has a reported 300 hp, and can cut a big-ass log like the one you see in the video in under two and a half seconds. No one needs a v8 chainsaw; it’s not cost effective, not gas efficient, and (we’re guessing) not the easiest machine on the ears — but man, is that thing cool.

It seems to be humanity’s collective nature to take things too far. Often it doesn’t work out that well, but in some cases, like monster trucks, jet powered kayaks, or v8 chainsaws, it is something to behold.

Predator 2.2 Second Run [YouTube]


3 Responses to Video Friday: World’s Fastest Chainsaw

  1. gary z says:

    I’m impressed of the two guys who pick it up and hold on to it while cutting.

  2. I’m all for rampant high HP stupidity. BUT if it takes TWO guys to use it, it ISN’T a chain saw – it’s an engineering project. May as well let a 60″ sawmill blade compete.

  3. Mike says:

    Impressive, but I have to question the 500lbs weight. Those guys don’t look like they’re lifting 250lbs each!

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