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Carbon fiber is a popular building material that’s found its way into many tools in the last decade. When it came to knives, carbon fiber seemed a natural fit, much like bone or horn. It’s light, tough, and looks great — and recently even the blade makers steeped in old-timey tradition like Case have given the material a shot with their CF collection.

Case has applied carbon fiber to the entire lineup of the pocket knife patterns they normally run — Lockback, Sod Buster and Sod Buster Jr., Trapper, Folding Hunter, and Stockman. They look great and will undoubtedly last forever, as most Case knives do when properly taken care of. Our question is one of cost and utility: Case’s black G-10 line has proven virtually indestructible time and time again after decades of abuse. Why would anyone need carbon fiber, which is roughly twice as expensive and not any more rugged (albeit lighter) over the G-10? Technically speaking you really don’t; it’s just a style choice.

That’s not a bad thing. When it comes to pocket blades, style is almost as important as function, mainly because almost any knife can serve its designed purpose. So if you’d like to pay $90 for carbon fiber instead of $50-$60 for G-10, it’s your style and your prerogative.

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