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Snow is not really an issue down in the land of the Toolmonger shop. When enough snow to make a footprint hits our area, the entire city shuts down. Everyone peeks out the window to check if the snow is still there and hopes they don’t have to traverse it on the way to work. So the concept of strapping the Home Plow to the front end of our vehicle is largely foreign to us.

The idea here is that if you have a two-inch, Class 3 front receiver hitch on your truck, SUV, or utility vehicle, you can clear snow around the homestead like a badass and thus make life easier, or at least, as depicted in the ads, possible. The the 6’8″ bladed plow (and the 7’6″ version) also features a hydraulic power unit for the up position with gravity-powered slow release for the down. The wired remote lets you control both up and down as well as the side-to-side bevel from the warm interior of your vehicle. The key-fob version controls up and down, and the blade “auto-angles” according to the weight of the snow, though you can also lock it in place.

Prices range from $2,300 to $3,500 depending on remote type, blade length, and hitch receiver type, with trucks over one ton being more heavy duty.

I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but when I saw the price for the Home Plow I did a quick check online and found about 30 hydraulic snow plows in my area with the trucks attached to them (most even had their shots and were current and running) for well under $3,000. Clearly I don’t get it as I’m not in a snowy area — but I’m not sure who this product is marketed to.

Home Plow [Website]
Street Pricing [Google Shopping]


13 Responses to The Perks of Being a Home Plower

  1. gary z says:

    These are marketed to the home owner that has a big driveway or lane and some extra cash layin’ around. And I guess if you only had one vehicle that was 4WD this could be a good choice. I had to live up North for a period of time, the better choice would be to hire it done. You can find guys all day long to do it for 25-50 bucks. That way you can watch from inside with your hot cocoa and fuzzy slippers.

    • Assen says:

      … or maybe marketed to those who are out and about, collecting those $25-$50 a pop …

      • Chris says:

        Seems to me like those guys would be more inclined to spend $500-1000 to put a (used) plow on a (used) truck they already own than to spend $3000 plus the cost of a front receiver hitch (Really? In front? Has anyone EVER seen a standard hitch installed in the front of a truck like that?) on this thing.


  2. davesander says:

    I live in the Great White North (the southern part of Ontario near the US border) and we either use a snowthrower or, if it’s really bad (12″), hire a contractor to look after it.

  3. austin says:

    No one in their right mind puts any kind of plow on a ‘everyday’ vehicle. You buy the old truck with the plow on it and use it until the transmission finishes blowing up, even if it just sits there unused for 3/4 of the year. At least that’s my Iowa/Nebraska experience.
    Too many things can go wrong on a vehicle when abusing it as a snow plow.

  4. Pete in Elma WA says:

    I just use a swingable back blade on my 4×4 tractor, whenever needed. A little colder than siting in my truck, but fast, and fun as well. But I only plow about 1/3 mile.

  5. Cameron Watt says:

    A landscaper I know says it’s a good way to make money with a truck that wouldn’t have other work in the winter time.

    Is it tough on a truck? Sure…That rapid depreciation is why we pay the big bucks when hiring a plow.

    If you have the right truck then it’s not necessarily abuse. What you really need is to get a truck with a strong automatic transmission, fit a cooler, and watch your temps.

    • ambush27 says:

      If you want to keep your transmission cool put your transfer case in 4-low. Probably a good idea anyway when plowing.

  6. TMIB_SEATTLE says:


    That name again is Mr. Plow!

  7. Michael W says:

    Something to think about. If you put one of these on your SUV, or your midsized truck (Frontier, etc.) you will most likely void your factory warranty.
    Not saying you’ll need the warranty, although most people don’t know how to plow properly and somebody buying this buying one of these would also most likely won’t either.

  8. Toolfreak says:

    If you have a truck/SUV/utility vehicle, you shouldn’t need a plow, especially in a driveway.

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