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Our friends at Duo-Fast have been doing a little research on what their cordless roofing nailer provides at the jobsite. They found that it’s not replacing corded pneumatic nailer setups, but rather hammer and nails. In the video they talk with Edgar Chavez, a roofer with Feze Roofing on how the nailer has changed what they do on repair jobs.

The workers are quick to point out that repair jobs in the Northeastern U.S. are all over these guns right now because they don’t require electricity to run the compressor, and there’s no hose. As most people point out, hammers don’t, either, but I know from experience that in five minutes I can show anyone how to use these guns and be as accurate as a pro (if a bit slower). It takes a ton of time, overstrikes, and practice to get good and quick with a hammer — plus you need an extra hand to hold the fastener.

For groups of homeowners-turned-repair crews, these nailers would be so much quicker, though they are admittedly a giant leap in cost: one of these bad boys retails for about $400. At any rate, the pros coming in to fix the damage might well be armed with them.

Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer [YouTube]
dfcr175c Roofing Nailer [Street Pricing]


5 Responses to Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer

  1. ChuckBlack says:

    That’s a roofers tan all right. No actor there.

  2. brew says:

    and a roofers accent. 🙂

  3. fred says:

    Do you know how is the Duofast different from the Paslode which sells for about the same price – and also comes from ITW

  4. Jason says:

    Nice tool I would would wait for the Lithium powered version as Paslode seems to be slowly converting product lines over.

  5. jasong says:

    The cost to use this thing compared to a regular nailer & compressor combo is huge. Plus it doesn’t look as smooth to use as the Hitachi I use. Hitachi nailers are awesome.

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