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Seriously ya’ll. The date, and I’m not kidding here, was September 27th. On my way back to the hardware aisle to pick up some compact fluorescent bulbs I just had to shake my head. It has begun, already. A scant few weeks after Labor Day and already we’re confronted with Christmas trees and light-up hot air characters.

I’ve said this before; I really can’t blame the stores from trying to glean any profit they can anywhere they can get it. That’s what we’re all doing in one form or another. And I’m a huge fan of Christmas. I look forward to it every year. I even have a Santa hat I wear from about December 10th through New Year’s Eve. There are, however, at least two rather large holidays in between the end of September and jolly St. Nick.

In summary, holiday time is great, but perhaps three months ahead of time is a little premature on the hot air reindeer front. Also, they moved the damn garden hose attachments to make way for the trees and giggling Santas and it took me five minutes to find them.


13 Responses to Editorial: A Full Month Earlier Than Last Year

  1. I can see doing that up here in the north (where snow has already fallen in measurable amounts) but I bet it was still like 90 degrees out down where you hail from. People would still have a good need for the seasonal items that were displaced (lawn and garden).

  2. Mike says:

    Another good reason to avoid WalMart.

    • Frank says:

      Guess around here you would have to avoid Lowes and Home Depot also. They have all had there Christmas stuff out starting September 22nd when I saw it.

  3. george says:

    shoot, around here some stores had christmas stuff out in august. most had it out by early sept. no one stands out on this one, they are all rediculouse.

  4. aaron says:

    ” I really can’t blame the stores from trying to glean any profit they can anywhere they can get it. That’s what we’re all doing in one form or another.”

    I first read that last part as “that’s what we’re all doing to one another.”

  5. Jeff says:

    Been over 90 degrees here in SoCal for the last few weeks and I go looking for a better ice chest. No longer stocking ice chests but fake trees and ornaments? You got it. At least the X-Mas muszak wasn’t playing over the PA.

    As for all those making a buck comments, I agree that stores do things for their bottom line, but who is actually buying a fake tree in September (at full price BTW)?

  6. Kurt says:

    Had the same experience – needed a fan out here in California, where it was still in the 90’s up to yesterday, but the only ones left at the Walmart were beat up and re-boxed (and not even discounted). Plenty of Christmas stuff on the shelves. Ended up buying the fan at Target instead. One store’s poor marketing is another’s windfall sale. Well, that’s retail for you!

  7. Charlie says:

    I live near the store closest to the General Offices of a major Home Retailer. We’ve seen this crap up since the beginning of August. Halloween? Even earlier.

  8. Chris says:

    Might as well leave it up all year. They keep putting it out earlier and earlier.

  9. paul says:

    What I don’t get is this. They stop sellign winter clothes in the winter, and they stop selling summer clothes in the summer. If I want a bathing suit after june I’m SOL. If I want to buy a ccoat after december I’ll be looking at bathing suits. I don’t think that far ahead, and when I was looking for a flannel shirt at a sports store last year in feb. of last year they only had summer gear. WTF?

  10. Eric R says:

    I am the president of the “One Holiday at a Time” club.
    It is getting ridiculous really.

  11. gary zumwalt says:

    Christmas has gotten out of hand by retailers or is it by shoppers? If it didn’t sell they wouldn’t put it out. By the way I was at Hobby Lobby in June and they had a 4th of July tree up at the entrance to announce their Christmas decorations are in. This from a company who prides themselves on being a “Christian” organization. They obviously missed the Sunday School class that covered the “money changers” outside the temple.

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