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According to the YouTube poster, this is a clip from the show The Secret Life of Machines. In the video, the host describes the concepts behind the electric light — specifically the idea of resistance heating to create light. Here comes the fun part, though: he demonstrates with a welding power supply and some good old wire and carbon filament.

As you might imagine, it gets a little messy. I love the first YouTube comment: “Molten metal? I’ll just brush it aside with my tweed jacket cuff.” Heh.

Anyway, don’t try this at home (obviously), and have a good weekend (doing safer things in the shop).


9 Responses to Video Friday: Don’t Try This At Home

  1. Frank says:

    The Secret Life of Machines is a good series for tinkerers. Both guys do it to some extent and the whole series can be found online.

  2. Toolaremia says:

    The Secret Life of Machines is one of the best, most-accessible, most eccentric “how things work” shows ever. Probably the most entertaining I’ve ever seen. Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod did things that were brilliant, dangerous, and invariably informative and hilarious. One of the best was was on internal combustion engines. To show that oil systems are pressurized, Tim hammers a punch into the oil filter of a running engine and gets a face-full of hot oil! Then casually continues his monologue about the oiling system. The brilliant closing scene from that episode was several men dressed in white coveralls carrying a running 4-cylinder on a sedan (think stretcher, not car) through Stonehenge like it was some ancient idol.

    The entire series is online and Mr. Hunkin has links to them from his website under “dvds and videos”. It’s absolutely worth watching.

  3. Eric Dykstra says:

    Rex Garrod, England’s Norm Abrams…without the safety glasses.

  4. Jim says:

    My physics teacher in high school used to videotape episodes of this show and show them in class. What a great series. Thanks for the link to the online episodes. It will be sure to bring back memories!

  5. Doug says:

    Rex Garrod also has some killer entries on the original Robot Wars series.

  6. Yes, you can legally download the whole series for free with Tim Hunkin’s blessing, but the links on his site are mostly/all broken.

    I made a torrent of a good-quality version of The Secret Life Of Machines a while ago, though; there’s some more info here, and you can get the torrent from here.

    Once again, yes, this is legal; I have corresponded with Mr Hunkin to make sure.

  7. Mayor of Shekou says:

    In college I found a 100+ Amp professional battery charger out for the trash by the road. I brought it home & found it had old selenium plate rectifiers – failed. I replaced them with a modern high current diode & heatsink, the proceeded to use it to melt coat hangers etc. as they did in the video. Most impressive was the kitchen knife – it glowed brilliantly for quite a while before melting away.

  8. essie says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the Rudiments of Wisdom comics. http://www.rudimentsofwisdom.com/
    Hunkin’s Suck->Squash->Bang->Blow is still how I think of internal combustion engines. Super post.

  9. zor says:

    I am definitely trying that trick with the stick welder and the pencil this weekend, thank you very much!

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