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I still remember when my father bought me my first workbench of my own. He ordered it from Sears, back when the catalog pick-up window was much busier at Sears than their front cash registers, and we picked it up in a big flat-pack box, took it home, and assembled it. I still have the bench, too. (Well, Sean has it, actually. It was eating up space in my storage unit, and Sean needed a bench.)

TM reader Litcritter‘s bench, however, is much, much cooler. Not only did he make it himself for his daughter — it was also a present for her fourth birthday. Further earning the TM crew’s respect, he built it out of scrap from around the shop. We also love his selection of tools for her, including a coping saw, a hand drill, a hammer, and a clamp. (Note that these roughly mirror the selections recommended in If I Had A Hammer, a book on woodworking I had as a kid.)

Anyway, this is thoroughly awesome. Check out Litcritter’s photostream for other cool shots of his projects, and if you get a chance, we’d love to see your project in our Flickr pool.

Daughter’s Workbench [Flickr]


8 Responses to Reader Project: A Kid’s Workbench

  1. Chris says:

    Awesome bench. It might be a good idea to festoon safety glasses all over it.

  2. James C says:

    Ah, brings back good memories of me working in the garage with my dad as a kid. I had a coping saw and hand drill too. I had the strongest arms out of everyone in grade school because of those 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    That’s a great looking workbench and a good start on a tool set. I’m sure his daughter will love it. I think it is important to get kids interested in more than just video games.

    Here is a folding workbench I made for my boys…


  4. Mac says:

    Good advice Chris… add to it gloves, ear muffs, and a hard hat.

    Ok, maybe not the hard hat, but my boy LOVED wearing his all the time.

    And he wouldn’t let me do squat without my safety gear on. Who’s teaching who?

  5. Mark Franco says:

    I really should get one of these for my son. I want to give my son the opportunity to see if he likes this kind of stuff, instead of video games and TV.

  6. blore40 says:

    Where is the drawer for the first aid kit?

  7. Tom says:

    Buy? Buy!? Buy!!? a kids workbench? I thought we were DIYers. What about using the project as a learning experiance, from planning, sketching, dimensioning, figuring out BOM, selecting lumber, and finaly the build.
    This is a few weekends worth of bonding.

  8. jorie says:

    I also have a workbench when I was a child.It is from my brother.It was with me for many years.

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