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Lance Herriott was a ship welder, until he retired. But like many Toolmongers, retirement represented a change in, rather than a departure from, the idea of making a living with one’s hands. In this ~30-minute video, we get a look at this process through the eyes of Herriott’s daughter, Nikole. (We’re sorry, by the way, that we can’t embed the video directly. It’s Vimeo’s limitation, not ours. Don’t worry, though. Just click through the picture above or the link below to play it directly off the Vimeo site.)

While not everyone will necessarily feel the same way she does, I’m betting we all feel a little bit like Lance. What would you like to do when you retire?¬†Have a good weekend, everyone. And remember to do something cool (and tell us about it).

Herriott Grace [Vimeo]


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