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Are you a fan of both traditional pocket knives and modern, high-tech materials? Case bets that at least some of you feel that way, as they’re cranking out a couple of their most popular patterns with carbon fiber cases. What you see pictured above is the standard lockback, but you can buy the same material set in medium stockman, folding hunter, trapper, and “Sod Buster Jr.” patterns.

There’s not a lot to say about these knives, as they are — save the carbon fiber components — pretty much standard Case fare featuring surgical steel blades. Case claims that they’re up to 40% lighter than bone or other-synthetic-handled knives. As you might imagine, they’re a bit spendy, starting at around $70 and ranging up over $100. They’ve been out for a little bit now, though, which means you can find some of them used as well, which might save you $20-$40 off full-tilt retail.

I’m not the knife collector that Sean is, but I carried a small stockman for years. I’d love to see the mini-stockman in this format, though I’m probably too much a cheap-ass to buy it new.

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3 Responses to Case Goes High-Tech

  1. Jeff says:

    Umm Ok… If I was after high tech I’d go for a high tech design like one that can be opened using one hand.

    I know some T’mongers will disagree, but my inner knife nut says if I’m carrying a classic pattern I want a classic look.

    Seems akin to stuffing a Japanese motor in a ’57 Chevy to me but of course I collect classic knives and carry new ones…

  2. browndog77 says:

    For me, any knife becomes more of a throwing or chopping tool when the blade is heavier than the handle. I prefer a feeling of mass in the grip and agility in the blade.

  3. 99octane says:

    Nice, but as a hitech knife I’d strongly recommend CRKT M16 design: it can be opened in an istant one handed. Thanks to the “Carson Flipper” it almost opens like an automatic knife (but it’s legal) and can as easily be closed one handed. The small LAWKS safety guarantees against accidental closure of the blade (the safety can be operated one handed as well, while you close the knife) and, thanks to the clip, can be kept in a pocket, ready to use. It’s like having a cat’s retractile claw, only made of ATS-34 steel. I use it daily at the office and at home. It’s so damn practical that, without it, I feel like I miss a body part.

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