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A while back we celebrated heavy machinery dancing to the tune of Anne Troake’s ballet-inspired number. At the time, I silently thought to myself that the only thing better could be dancing with tanks. It seems the Russians, big into that sort of thing themselves, agree with me. So here’s your moment of zen this week — dancing tanks.

This is just an amateur video not cut to music, but even so, it’s fun to see how nimble 60-ton war machines can be when they’re not being used to level grid squares. I especially like the jets, space shuttle, and horses in the background.

Military show – II International Forum – Engineering Technologies 2012, Russia [YouTube]
It’s Just Cool: Finding Beauty In The Beast [Toolmonger]


9 Responses to Video Friday: Dancing Tanks

  1. Pruitt says:

    Thinking the same thing about the space shuttle. Parked in the grass no less. I can almost hear a man saying (Russian accent), “Just put the swimming pool over there, next to space shuttle.”

  2. Wartex says:

    Not a space shuttle. Buran.

  3. Bob M says:

    What has happened to this site. Since the redesign it seems that there is a lack of stories. This one from July 6th? come on it’s July 23th. So what happened to site context?

  4. jesse says:

    This is at least the second time this has happened. Maybe they can’t pay the web hosting bill?

  5. Larry says:

    If the problem was the web hosting bill we wouldn’t be able to see this or post at all. It just wouldn’t be here. I guess I should just remove this site from my favorites.

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