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No one needs a turquoise insert in a knife handle. Silver, sure; we could see that — werewolves being the problem they are in everyday life you’d need something to repel them. The exotic veined turquoise knives, however, have no supernatural secondary duty and are put together for collectors. Though we must admit that these catch the eye like a bit of shiny to a crow.

In order to get one of the seven standard Case patterns; Stockman, Muskrat, Peanut, Desk, Texas Toothpick, Mini Trapper or Trapper thus bedecked, it will run you about $165. We’re drawn a great deal more to something like this than mammoth tusk or some of the other rare materials they’ve sported in the past. No two are alike because of the actual rock being ground down and polished to fit each handle. They turn out quite striking, but really there’s no functional difference between these and their $40 brethren other than the material for the handle insert.

It’s tool P0rn and we know it, but at times that sort of thing just kind of works.

Exotic Veined Turquoise [W.R. Case]
Street Pricing [Google Shopping]


2 Responses to Tool Pr0n: Exotic Veined Turquoise Knives

  1. Blair says:

    Hey, we have BB’Q guns, so why not? Sometimes things are worth the price just because you like it.

  2. mike taylor says:

    knives are great,sorry email got crossed with someone else,out of myth annd legand,pitch black,brotherhood of steel,and everything else leagally.Tell Amy I said hi,and hope everything is great with her.Sorry it took so long to write,there is alot on the computer.Sorry I have to write Michael instead of Mike Mike Taylor 500 ww. mill buffalo mo.65622 sorry if any mix ups

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