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With this latest update, Bosch continues down the path set for cordless SDS gear over the past couple of years: lighter, more runtime, and improved ergonomics. As is often the case, the improvements are more evolutionary than revolutionary, but over time these changes add up to significant improvements. Let’s take a look under the hood.

First, the specs: Bosch claims a 3/8″ capacity in steel and a 5/8″ capacity in wood with a no-load RPM ranging from 0-1,050 RPM (variable speed) and BPM from 0-4,950. It’s an 18V unit, and accepts Bosch’s well-established line of 18V lithium-ion batteries. The kit version ships with a single HC FatPack — the larger variant of the pack, designed to offer maximum runtime — though the tool will accept the SlimPack batteries as well, at reduced runtime. Still, for quickie jobs you have the option of trading runtime for lightness.

Bosch makes the standard claims as well, including best-in-class weight and size, though the published specs don’t include either measurement. (This doesn’t mean we doubt the claims. It’d be nice to know which models they consider in the same class, or more importantly the tool’s weight with FatPack ready for use.) Slight changes in design shift the balance a bit, purportedly to help stabilize the tool, and you get a small LED worklight. Inside you’ll find a “pneumatic hammer mechanism,” which is engineer-speak for leaving a sealed cavity between the piston and hammer, utilizing the air pressure within the chamber to drive the hammer, ultimately padding its return and reducing vibration.

Street pricing starts at about $275 for the kit, which includes the tool, battery, charger, and soft case. If you’re already invested in the Bosch 18V li-ion line, the tool-only option will set you back about $210.

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