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Mr. Txinkman’s work is no stranger to this site. His seemingly limitless focus to stay with a restoration project boggles the mind. Where we tend to roll from project to project and not really do the same thing twice, txinkman continues to get better with each application of tool box repair.

In this case he’s taken a box made in England and transformed it to a fine-looking classic. Besides the refit, refinish, and hardware replacement, he added a Union Jack that he distressed himself, not only bringing this piece back from the dead, but giving it more character than it ever had before.

You can’t buy that kind of awesome. Well done, sir.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Workshop Wednesday: txinkman’s Tool Chests

  1. Eric R says:

    Very nice work!

  2. Fatlimey says:

    Umm, that Union Flag is upside down… are you in trouble?

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